Wen Chi Eater of Unclean Spirits

A wandering mystic carrying a jangling staff


Style: Wandering Monk

Virtue: Compassion
Flaw: Nagging Grandmother
Type: Solar
Power: spend 1 point of essence to double their die pool for a single round. This doubling is done before the dice are rolled.

Cast: Zenith
Power:Spend a point of Essence, and fill yourself with the majesty of the Unconquered Sun. For the remainder of the scene, you can incinerate the fallen so their bodies remain unpossessed,and their souls go on to their reward. Further, you inflict double harm against Undead, Demons, and Deathlords (and their minions) and gain 2 extra ebon dice against them

Essence: 8


  • Physical: 4
    • 1,000 Fists of the Burning Sun:2
  • Mental: 3
    • 1,000 Fists of the Burning Sun:1
    • Wandering Mystic: 1
  • Social: 2
    • Wandering Mystic: 1


  • Demon Slaying Staff: 2
  • 1,000 Fists of the Burning Sun: 3


  • Contacts: 2
  • Allies: 2
  • Spirit Pacts: 2

1,000 Fists of the Burning Sun

This style was created in the First Age by my past self Distant Sadness he was charged with hunting down Rouge Exalted and brining them to justice.

The underlying philosophy of the style was delivering as many bone breaking blows as possible. Thinking any oppinet on defense Wouldn’t be able to counter well. Even if they were able to stop a blow or two the next fifty would make it thorough. They style also used hard blocks that are closer to strikes themselves.

Master of the Violet Cloud was the next incarnation if this soul in the Age of Sorrows. Living In this new age Violet cloud found himself fighting teams of the Dragon Blooded forces of the Scarlet Empress, who’s teamwork easily matched tequines built for single powerful opponents.

As a concession to the times Violet added redirection as well as footwork to the style to better suite his current opponents. As well as the practical addition of bladed weapons, added as he was a sword master before her second breath.

In the Age of Horros Wen Chi carries this mantle. Looking at what came before. He added several nonlethal tequnices to the systems repatroir.

Wen Chi Eater of Unclean Spirits

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