Ashigaru Skirmish Armor

Shogunate Power Armor


Soak 7L/6B Hardness 4L/4B Mobility -2 Fatigue 1, Attune 4m or 1w

Sensory Augmentation Visor* +2 to Awareness, negates all darkness penalties less that pitch black

Filtration Baffles* +2 to Resistance against poison & disease. 1 hour of fresh air

Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem* +2 to stealth, +3 while stationary

Upkeep: Maintenance required every 150 hours of use, every 10 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers marked with an asterisk.


The ashigaru were Shogunate units comprised of mortals trained as fast attack light infantry and scouts. To this end, their ashigaru skirmish armor aids wearers in reconnaissance and skirmish missions. Beings capable of channeling Essence may commit four motes to attune this armor.

Mortals may either use aegis-inset amulets or else commit one point of Willpower. Characters who
have committed Willpower to ashigaru armor at any time in a season age one extra week during that time. In appearance, the suit combines a helmet and a skintight bodysuit layered with light plates of magical alloys protecting the legs, arms and torso.

This armor offers no magical material bonuses, owing to its composite alloy construction.

Ashigaru Skirmish Armor

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