Resplendent Crashing Wave

Shogun's War-Strider


Soak 16 Hardness 8 Strength 12 Mobility -10 Fatigue 0 Attune 32

Soak: applies to bashing lethal and aggravated damage

Strength: the effective strength of the pilot while operating the war-strider for

  1. 1: Damage inflicted by the war-strider in combat
  2. 2: How much the war-strider can lift and carry
  3. 3: What the war-strider can do with a feat of strength
  4. 4: jumping distances

Mobility: The penalty on all Dexterity Related pools, subtract half the penalty from Dodge DV.

Fatigue: Successes the player must roll on a (Stamina+Resistance) roll after extended use.

Attune: the number of motes that must be committed to the war-strider

The war-strider also requires a hearthstone from a level three manse to function


Blue Jade, A 20 feet tall Parade model warstrider, elegant looking and intricately detailed with the Shoguns crest emblazoned on the chest, combat capable but not as efficient as the real deal.

Resplendent Crashing Wave

Redeemer or Destroyer Horuke