Tiger Shark Armor

Shogunate Power Armor


Soak 7L/6B Hardness 2L/2B Mobility -0 Fatigue 1, Attune 4m or 1w

Sensory Augmentation Visor* +2 to Awareness, negates all darkness penalties less that pitch black

Blue Jade Air Scrubbers* Unlimited air supply, always the last power to fail

Mobility-Enhancing Armature* The wearer moves without penalty underwater

Upkeep: Maintenance required every 50 hours of use, every 10 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers marked with an asterisk.


During the Shogunate, this armor was specifically designed for use by mortal marines who might have to fight both above and below the waves. Tiger shark armor looks like a somewhat lightly made version of ashigaru armor. The armor’s most important feature is that the helmet contains enchantments
that allow it to recycle air indefinitely so that the wearer can breathe normally underwater. In addition, mobility-enhancing enchantments on the armor allow the wearer to move normally underwater. Wearers can engage in hand-to-hand combat underwater without penalty.

Mortal wearers must spend one temporary Willpower to activate the armor. This Willpower is treated as committed and effectively reduces the character’s maximum temporary Willpower. Additionally, wearer’s age one extra week for every season or part of a season the armor is used.

The armor offers no magical material bonuses, owing to its composite alloy construction.

Tiger Shark Armor

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