Yoroi Rapid-Response Armor

Shogunate Power Armor


Soak 7L/8B Hardness 3L/3B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0, Attune 6m

Sensory Augmentation Visor* +2 to Awareness, negates all darkness penalties less that pitch black

Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem* +2 bonus to stealth, +3 while stationary

Exomuscular Fibers* +2 bonus for feats of strength and damage

Peripatic Greaves* +3 yards per tick to move actions, +6 yards to dash, 10mph marching speed

Upkeep: Maintenance required every 100 hours of use, every 30 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers marked with an asterisk.


This suit of powered lamellar armor was developed as an advanced version of ashigaru battle armor that was speci´Čücally designed to be worn by Exalts. Although it can be worn by any Exalt, this
lightweight armor was primarily designed for Dragon-Blooded commanding companies of mortal troops. In Lookshy, it is particularly common among Dragon-Blooded commanders of ashigaru.

The armor offers no magical material bonuses, owing to its composite alloy construction.

Yoroi Rapid-Response Armor

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