Open Plot Threads

Current Thread Several Illuminated missionaries have gone missing from Gethamane.

Possible Threads

In preparation for the final conflict with a group of death-knights; the circle is planning on locating and raiding their First Age tombs

Glorious Horizon is searching for the tomb of famous First age Lunar explorer; No Stone Unturned and his journals to find the The Lighthouse at the End of the World, a tribute from a Lunar to it’s Solar mate

In the jungles to the far east there are Golden Lotus’s that have the power to destroy Shadowlands

The Mask of Winters is hosting an open martial arts tournament during Descending Fire, the grand prize is immorality

The Silver Prince has an island hidden in the Middlemarches called Island 5 containing a heavily guarded armory and navel station

Open Plot Threads

Redeemer or Destroyer Horuke