Initiation into Sorcery

The first trial is humility. The initiate must learn to see beyond his own hubris, often in the course of challenges impossible to finish, deliberate humiliation by a mentor or contemplation of past failures. Storytellers might encourage players to take the lead in describing this initiation, as players are sometimes resentful when their character is humiliated at the Storyteller’s hands. Brigid’s humiliation was that she could not match the power of her peers—she had no skill in developing Charms.

The second trial is tutelage. The initiate must find a teacher—not necessarily a mentor as such, but a person or spirit able to give them a new insight. The Salinan College, a sorcerous academy of the First Age, encoded the principles of sorcery into the world. This ensures that the Solar Exalted can always find someone to bring them sorcerous wisdom. Even the greatest lost spells can be discovered again, given enough time, by those willing to listen to the secrets the world holds ready for them. Brigid’s tutelage came from four powerful spiritual beings of uncertain provenance—presumably servants of the Unconquered Sun, although he has never spoken on the matter.

The third trial is a journey. The Lawgiver must wander and, through wandering, learn appreciation for the world as it is. Her glorious works may someday remake Creation, but the present matters as much as the future. The third trial is about understanding the importance of each moment of life. Brigid traveled to the elemental poles in pursuit of sorcery’s secrets.

The fourth trial is fear. The Solar must learn mastery over her darkest fear—whether a fear of losing her way, of causing others’ deaths, of claiming her true power, of finding herself powerless or simply of “spiders.” For Brigid, this fear was found at the end of her journey, when she faced the Unconquered Sun and feared herself unworthy of him.

The fifth trial is sacrifice. To become a sorcerer, one must make a terrible sacrifice. This trial is repeated when the sorcerer ascends to higher levels of initiation, so that a sorcerer who cuts off his finger or abandons a brother to learn Terrestrial Circle Sorcery might lose a portion of her sanity to reach the Celestial Circle and cast aside her own true love to master the Solar Circle. Brigid’s sacrifice, if any, was unknown.

Initiation into Sorcery

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