WushuBudo Conversion

cobbled together from Void States: Exalted to Wushu Conversion and Budo – Hardstyle Wushu Both based off of Wushu

Base: 9 points split between; physical, mental & Social. Minimum one in each category, maximum 5. (Lunars 9+Caste points)
Traits: 6 (Sidereals +2)
Equipment: 5 (Dragon-Blooded +2)
Backgrounds: 6 (Dragon-Blooded +2)
Essence: by Type

Type Essence
Mortal 1
Heroic Mortal 2
God Blood/Dragon King/ Mountain Folk 3
Dragon Blood 4
Raksha 5
Sidereal/Lunar 6
Alchemical 7
Solar/Abyssal/Infernal 8

Essence gives the hits you can take and the maximum dice you can add with Narration. Exalts recover 1 point of essence per day if they can rest and recover their energies. They also receive a bonus point at their Caste’s time of day and when dramatically appropriate.

Dice Anima Display
1 none
2 none
3 Dragon-Blood Minor
4 Dragon-Blood Major, Sidereal/Lunar Minor
5 Sidereal/Lunar Major, Alchemical Minor
6 Sidereal/Lunar Totemic, Alchemical Major, Solar/Abyssal/Infernal Minor
7 Alchemical Totemic, Solar/Abyssal/Infernal Major
8 Solar/Abyssal/Infernal Totemic

Minor: Displays of this magnitude last for a round only but a clearly visible to all who witness it, and recognizable as a supernatural manifestation. Minor displays don’t leave any lasting results, but can easily serve to reveal a character who needs stealth or to remain unidentified as one of the Chosen.

Major: Major displays are huge and unmistakable, and last for the entire scene. They always leave some residual trace of their manifestation a knowledgeable observer can pick out later- a circle of split pacing stone, a path of unnaturally lush vegetation, claw marks on the walls, or a patch of scorched earth.

Totemic: Totemic displays have the exalt surmounted or surrounded by a burning image totemic to her person. A warrior might be surrounded by a great golden bull, a Twilight Caste magician by an incredibly elaborate mandala, and so on. This effect fades during any action the character does not hit their die cap


Solar/Abyssal/Infernal Power: All Solar/Abyssal/Infernal exalted can spend 1 point of essence to double their die pool for a single round. This doubling is done before the dice are rolled. When pressed, a single solar can potentially lay waste to half a dozen lesser exalted in a single round.

Caste Powers

Dawn/Dusk/Slayer: Spend a point of Essence, and for the remainder of the scene you seem terrifying and unstoppably powerful. The immense essence pressure from your aura adds two ebon successes to all rolls. Additionally you become immune to fear.

Zenith/Midnight/Malefactor: Spend a point of Essence, and fill yourself with the majesty of the Unconquered Sun. For the remainder of the scene, you can incinerate the fallen so their bodies remain unpossessed,and their souls go on to their reward. Further, you inflict double harm against Undead, Demons, and Deathlords (and their minions). For example, if you roll 3 uncountered Scarlet successes in combat against a Deathnight, your foe would instead loose 6 Essence instead of only 3. Further, while so invested with the Sun’s power you have an effect identical to that of the Dawn caste but only against creatures of darkness. / You can raise a group of mook zombies with a threat rating equal to your current essence. /Same as Zenith but against Holy powers.

Twlilight/Daybreak/Defiler: Spend a point of Essence, and for the remainder of the Scene you gain 2 dice to any action involving knowledge based rolls

Night/Day/Scourge: Spend a point of Essence, and for the remainder of the scene any attempt to locate you with magical or mundane means suffers a -2 penalty to the relevant score. Further, your anima doesn’t flare up like that of other Exalted. This power completely suppresses minor Anima flares, and reduces major ones to minor scope.

Eclipse/Moonshadow/Fiend: Spend a point of Essence, and for the remainder of the Scene no Spirit or Fae creature/Undead will attack you so long as you obey the tenets of the ancient pacts which bind you both. This protection extends to any others you give your countenance to, and can include your entire circle. Further, any oath sworn in your presence may be sanctified to become an unbreakable pact. This second ability causes anyone so foresworn to gain a weakness (see Wushu) that comes into pay any time they are in violation of that oath . This ability costs no Essence. Finally, spend 3 Essence and make use of any of the special charms possessed by other orders of Exalt, such as the Dragon-Blooded reflexive charm, the Lunar attribute-adding charm or the Sidereal Target Number reducing charm.


Lunar Power: Lunars can call upon their power to dramatically boost their natural abilities. For the cost of 1 essence, a lunar can double an Attribute for 1 round. If this increases their Attribute + Ability total to 10+, every point past 9 becomes a bonus die.

Lunar Castes

Full Moon: Cast Attribute: +1 Physical.
Anima Power: Spend a point of Essence to magnify your physical actions dramatically for an entire scene. Double your rolled successes on any action dealing with running, jumping, climbing, or feats of raw strength.

Changing Moon: Cast Attribute: +1 Social
Anima Power: Spend a point of Essence to shape your anima into a perfect illusion for the entire scene. This glamour is a visually perfect image of something or someone you have seen, but it doesn’t alter your voice or scent.

No Moon: Cast Attribute: +1 Mental
Anima Power: When you spend Essence to reduce the difficulty of a spell (see Sorcery below), you subtract 3 from the difficulty for every point you spend rather than 2. This doesn’t magnify your ability in combat.

Casteless: Cast Attribute: None
Anima Power: Your power shifts between the other three with the phases of the moon.

Shapeshifting. All lunars can change their shape. Lunars have 3 natural forms. Their human form, their spirit totem animal form, and their terrible beastman form. Changing between your natural form can be done with a detail, and this grants the normal die bonus in combat.
Changing into a heart blood form requires a full round action. Describe these forms, and then stat out the Beastman form as follows:

All Lunars receive a +1 bonus to their Physical Attribute when they adopt this form, as well as three of the following types of Gifts. Any one type of Gift may be taken multiple times.

Such gifts grant 1 free Scarlet die in combat above and beyond any from details. They include things such as fangs, talons, rasping tentacles and so on.

This type of gift grants 1 free Ebon die in combat above and beyond any from details. They include tough hide, scales, talons, or super-fast regeneration.

You have a new form of movement- flight, wall-crawling, tunneling, swimming etc. You also have any special adaptations needed to overcome any environmental hazards when using that movement (you can breath water when swimming, for example).

These gifts grant bonus dice when performing related tasks. Skin which changes color would aid in Stealth tasks for example.

1 Dog sized
2 Cat sized
3 Mouse sized
1 Bear Sized
2 Elephant sized
3 Tyrant Lizard sized

Pick your Tell. This is a feature which doesn’t change regardless of your shape.


Sidereal Power: They rely more on their spiritual development than skill or raw ability. Also Manipulators of fate, Subtle shifts in the loom of fate push things in their favor. Spend a point of essence, and for one action add your current essence as bonus dice to the roll and your target number is increased by 2. This can explicitly turn all the dice into automatic successes.

Sidereal Castes

Chosen of Journeys: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you and your allies gain an extra Scarlet & Ebon success to rolls involving quickness speed and agility.

Chosen of Serenity: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you and your allies gain an extra Scarlet & Ebon success to performance rolls

Chosen of Battles: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you and your allies gain a free Scarlet & Ebon success to Conflicts

Chosen of Secrets: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you and your allies gain a free Ebon success keep secrets and a free scarlet success to find secrets

Chosen of Endings: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you and your allies gain a free Scarlet & Ebon success to bring about an end to something.

Arcane Fate: Everyone with an essence score lower than your current score forgets you after a scene

Sidereals receive an additional +2 Traits


Dragon-Blooded Power: They aren’t the most powerful Exalted, but their magics are fast and efficient. Spend a point of essence, and for the rest of the scene you don’t distinguish Scarlet dice from Ebon dice, rather you roll them all then use the successes as you need to, relying on your reflexive magics to help you deal with more broadly powerful foes.

Teamwork: The Dragon-Blooded excel when they combine their strength. When acting as a group, Dragon-Blooded may combine their descriptions and die pools, each participant after the first increases the die cap by one to a maximum of 8. In this way a Sworn Brotherhood of 5 Dragon-Bloods can equal the power of a Solar.

Dragon-Blooded Aspects

Dynastic House: Ledaal & Tepet
Anima Power: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene become light and airy. Add 2 scarlet or ebon dice to any action involving running or jumping. Immune to damage from falls will float gently to the ground.

Dynastic House: Mnemon & Ragara
Anima Power: Spend a point of essence to become as resilient and hard as Earth. Gain 1 free Ebon success each round for defense for the remainder of the scene.

Dynastic House: Cathak & Sesus
Anima Power: Spend a point of essence to wreath yourself in deadly flames. You are immune to fire and heat yourself, and gain 1 free Scarlet success each round for the remainder of the scene.

Dynastic House: Peleps & Iselsi
Anima Power: Spend a point of essence, and for the remainder of the scene you can move as easily through water as through air. Double scarlet successes related to speed in water. You can breathe water as easily as air, and are immune to its pressure and can see through its darkness.

Dynastic House: Cynis & V’Neef
Anima Power: Spend a point of essence to become supple and flexible like a fresh sapling. Add either 1 free ebon die or 1 free scarlet die to any physical action for the remainder of the scene. Note that these are dice, not successes as with Earth and Fire aspect characters.

Dragon-Blooded receive +2 equipment & +2 Backgrounds


Alchemical Power: Alchemicals can call upon their power to dramatically boost their mechanical qualities. For the cost of 1 essence, a Alchemical can double his rating in a trait or piece of equipment for 1 round. This use does not cause the equipment to degrade.

Modular With 24 hours and access to vats facility the alchemical can rearrange his traits and equipment. In creation a vats facility is the equivalent of the Background: Manse 2.

Alchemical Castes

Orichalcum: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you gain 1 free Scarlet success each round

Soulsteel: Spend a point of Essence, Half of any group of mooks in the vicinity automatically flee or surrender, effectively halving their threat rating, while nemeses who wishes to stand against you must dedicate their first success (either scarlet or ebon) to overcoming their fear of you before they can act.

Starmetal: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you gain 1 free scarlet and ebon die each round.

Moonsilver: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you gain 1 scarlet or 1 ebon success to any action involving quick movement.

Jade: Spend a point of Essence, and for the rest of the scene you gain 1 free ebon success each round

Adamant: Spend a point of Essence, and everyone you encountered during this scene will forget your presence after the scene ends.

Sorcery/Necromancy/Demon Sorcery/Pattern Weaving

Rather than present a lost of spells, this conversion breaks Sorcery down into a collection of generic Elements which, when combined with the details needed to generate dice to cast them, allow you to create and use colorful and weird Exalted-style magic. The procedure for creating and casting spells is the same regardless of the circle of magic being used. The only difference is the scope and power possible with the magic. This freeform system isn’t meant to represent a sorcerer’s ability to work magic at his whim, but rather to indicate the broad body of occult lore at his disposal. The rules laid out in EXALTED regarding what a given circle of Sorcery can and can’t do apply here as well. Here are the steps for creating and casting a spell.

1) Come up with a cool concept for the spell and give it a cool name.

2) Describe the spell with the following Elements

Power represents the raw potency of the spell. Each level of power equates to a die when the spell’s effect need be rolled. If adding dice to an existing pool, this is the number of dice to be added. Likewise, if removing dice from a pool, this is how many dice are removed. This is also how difficult the spell is to break. If the spell summons Mook servants, then Power x 2 acts as their Threat Level. For summoned Nemeses, the Power determines their Essence.

Finesse represents how efficiently and elegantly the spell accomplishes its effects. This serves as the trait score the spell’s Power is rolled against. In the case of supplementing or reducing existing pools, this must equal the Attribute + Ability pool so affected. If the Finesse is insufficient to match the pool affected, reduce the power by one dive for each dot of difference as the effect of the spell will be weaker against higher pools. If Mooks are being created, this acts as the number of hits they get in each round. When creating a Nemesis servant, it will have one to three of the Attributes, each bought with Effect and with a level determined by Finesse. The level of all these Attributes must be paid for separately.

An Effect is essentially something the spell does. A Spell which transforms you into a bladed statue would add to both your Scarlet dice and Ebon dice for an Effect level of 2. Spells which summon Nemesis servants use Effect to determine the number of Attributes and Abilities the thing has.

The distance away from the caster than the spell’s effect will manifest is determined by this element. The accuracy with which a spell seeks and effects its target will be determined by its Power and Finesse.

0 Touch only
1 Near
2 Within Sight
3 Beyond Sight, local
4 Beyond Sight, regional
5 Anywhere

The area encompassed by the spell is covered by this Element. The higher this Element, the greater the Scope. Scope limits the number of creatures that can be affected or created. When summoning Mooks, the Threat Level cannot exceed the number of targets bought through Scope.

0 Personal only
1 Room/5 Targets
2 House/10 Targets
3 Block/100 targets
4 Town/1,000 targets
5 City/10,000 targets

The length of time the spell will last is determined by this Element.

0 Instant
1 Rounds
2 Scene
3 Session
4 Story
5 Forever

3) Determine the Circle of the spell. Each Circle of spells is on an entirely different order than the previous one, both in terms of power and difficulty in casting. With Terrestrial Circle Sorcery you can have a maximum of 3 in any Element. With Celestial this limit is increased to 4. Finally with Solar Circle sorcery, the limit is 5. Alchemical Protocol Weaving also requires Clarity equal to greater than the element desired. Only those Exalted who possess both the natural ability to access higher sorceries and the requisite level of the Occult ability may cast spells of a given Circle. It requires a few minutes to cast Terrestrial spells, at least half and hour for Terrestrial spells, and upwards on an Hour for most Solar spells.

4) Total the levels on all the Elements. This is the spell’s difficulty.

5) Casting. Describe the magical ritual used to cast the spell. As always, the more colorful the details, the more dice you will have to roll. Roll the dice generated during the ritual against your Mental + Related Skill. Each point of Difficulty for the spell represents a success you need to cast it. If you estimate you will be unable to roll enough successes to cast the spell, you may expend Essence to lower the difficulty before rolling to cast the spell. Each point of Essence you spend will lower the difficulty by 2 (to a minimum of 1).

WushuBudo Conversion

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